Tuna Overnight Charter

Overnight Tuna Charters are available July 5th to November 30th

Nothing compares to being at sea overnight. The majestic expanse of the ocean beneath the night sky and the promise of a good day’s fishing to come bring chills of excitement to anyone.

An overnight charter on the KRAKEN begins as we slip the lines before sunset and head offshore to the fishing grounds. As we steam away from land the captain and crew will familiarize you with the boat and help you to settle in.

When the sun rises our lines are already in the water and everything is prepared for a full day’s fishing. As you tuck into breakfast and coffee is all anticipation—When will that rod bend? Will you be able to land your fish? Will today bring the big one?*

Of course, no fishing trip can guarantee the top prize but joining us aboard the KRAKEN for an overnight charter will always be an adventure

The Overnight Tuna Charter is a 22-hour charter for a maximum of four people.

  • 7 PM-5 PM
  • Fee $2200
  • Deposit $500
  • Balance due 48 hours before the trip $1,700
  • For a full refund cancellation must be made at least 14 days in advance.

* When we land a giant during the commercial season you get 10% off next trip.

The captain reserves the right to cancel for bad weather. In the event of a cancellation the trip will be rescheduled.

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